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Wolf beers are craft-brewed in the heart of

 Norfolk using


ingredients - local Norfolk malts, traditional hops, our own Bore hole water and our
unique strain of brewing yeast.


Cask Ales

Available all year round

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Golden Jackal

3.7% ABV

A hoppy thirst-quenching golden session bitter, with a flowery nose and slightly citrus after-taste. The hop flavour lasts right through to the bottom of the glass.

Food suggestions: Chicken,salmon,salad.

Lupus Lupus

(latin for wolf)

4.2%  ABV

Unique Flavoured blonde ale using fruity hops.

Leader of the pack!

Food suggestions: anything fried(squid).



Sirius Dog Star

4.4% ABV

A complex blend of malts and american hops combine to produce this Smooth, fruity Red Ale.

Food suggestions: Meat pies, hotpots, liver & bacon and casseroles


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Granny Wouldn't Like It!!!

4.8% ABV

Dark red, rich and fruity. This mighty beer has many awards to its name. The swirling mix of flavours produces a complex but satisfying experience.

Food suggestions: Burgers and spicy cuisine.

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Lavender Honey

3.7% ABV

Honey from The Norfolk Lavender Company is added during the brewing process to give this beer a delicate yet more-ish flavour.

Food suggestions: Great with burgers.


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Sheeps Clothing

3.7% ABV 

This traditional Norfolk mild has a malty aroma with fruity undertones. Lightly hopped with Fuggles and Goldings this beer has a long clean finish.

Food suggestions:Roast pork or pork scratchings.


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Wolf Ale

3.9% ABV

Copper coloured ale with lots of bite! Goldings and Challenger hops combined with locally grown malt make this a glorious full bodied brew.

Food suggestions: Roast chicken, fish and chips, mild cheese.


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Woild Moild

4.8% ABV
A rich and fruity traditional Norfolk mild. Good balance of malt with liquorice bitterness and lots of chocolate malt. Dark ruby-red mild with a long lasting finish.
Food suggestions: Rib roast, meat stews thick steaks.



Edith Cavell

3.7 ABV

Brewed all year round in memory of Edith Cavell, A hoppy thirst-quenching beer with a fruit currant finish.



Battle of Britain

3.9% ABV

A traditional B



coloured ale  with British grown malt & Hops which makes this a glorious well made brew



Mad Wolf

4.7% ABV

A Smooth Malting Dark Ale

 Food suggestions:  Meat Currys



5% ABV

The Strongest Ale that we sell all year round with a rich malty finish.

Food suggestions:  Barbecued meat and fish






4.0% ABV

A Light Copper coloured bitter for the start of the New Year, with a smooth but sweet toffee finish.

Food suggestions: Smoked sausage mash and onion gravy.


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Straw Dog

4.5% ABV

Pale and refreshing, this clear wheat beer is brewed in the German style. Soft German hops added to the brew give a wonderful aroma and slightly sweet taste to leave the imbiber wanting more!

Food suggestions: Chicken, seafood and pasta.


Santa Paws

4.5% ABV

Full bodied ale with a malt and fruit aroma.

Food suggestions: Roast port or grilled salmon.




Timber   Wolf

5.2% ABV

Our Strongest Ale which we Brew at the end of the year. A fruity, full Bodied flavour with a velvety Finish.

Food suggestions: strong cheeses & game/Goose





Early Dec


Dec - Jan

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